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Hi, I went to the doctors on Friday as I've lost a lot of weight, been getting stomach cramps, more tired than usual and loose bowels. The doctor has booked me in for a blood test for this Friday and I've also taken in a stool sample. Yesterday I was sick in the morning, had backache and constant stomach cramps all day with loose bowels. I've had to call in again today as I've been sick and loose again. I getting very worried about having this much time off and it's making me feel stressed. I work at a school and I'm worried that they will sack me. I'm also doing a Teaching Assistant course and I'm worried that if I lose my job I will have to cancel the course. I am going back the doctors to tell them I've started being sick. I hate this it's really getting me down. Apologies for the essay.

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Try not too worry too much as that can make things worse. Just wait for the test results, I’m sure the school will be ok as you are genuinely unwell.




Hoping things settle down - alice


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