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Low fodmap recipes

Hi does anyone have any meal plans or recipes for tasty low fodmap meals. That are also toddler friendly?

I have IBS-D and want to give the low fodmap diet a go again. I'm not a good cook at all and am limited on time as I have a 1 year old. But I want to be able to create family meals which are also gut friendly for myself. I have done the elimination diet and found no trigger foods but need some help with ideas on what I can cook

Thanks for any help x

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Look on amazon ,seen some recipes on there.


Well said.

The last thing a toddler need is a diet.


I never once said about putting my son on a diet! He has a healthy diet and eats a variety of foods.

What I was asking for in my post was ideas of meals I could make in the evening which are gut friendly as I'm stuck in a cycle of the same meals over and over. When I have something that wouldn't be suitable for my son I make him something else and add things to his plate.

I would never put a child on a diet

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Thanks for your reply but I understand the importance of a balanced diet for anyone, especially a child.

I feed my son a healthy variety of food, what I was looking for was different meals that I could cook for both of us in the evening which would be easy on the gut, such as a bolognese- which I've already adapted to have less onion and make the sauce myself etc.

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There are some quite nice recipies in 'The FODMAP Friendly Kitchen' by Emma Hatcher, I ordered it from Amazon last week and it's a nice book, have a look at the reviews.


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