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Yikes drank apple cider vinegar straight

I took it like a shot mixed with honey. Then after feeling like my belly had been scored with a razor i googled it and realised ur meant to dilute in water. Im very scared right now as my belly is already struggling ...the whole reason i bought ACV in the first place. It has calmed a bit but there is an awful lot of rumbling going on 😳😳😳😫😫

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Your stomach can handle more than acv. I would be worried about my teeth and my esophagus.

You can try to drink a bit of baking soda with water. That neutralize acid. Expect some burping tho.

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Drink lots of water x


Hi Montykat, I so hope you are feeling A-ok by now! :) I take one tablespoon of ACV in a half cup of lukewarm warm water with approx. 1 teaspoon of honey... Please don't give up on ACV because it IS good stuff!! (when taken with water! :) ) It even cures food poisoning (e-coli) ..honest! ...as well as other stomach upset.

I know how I can feel when I've had a bad experience...and it just plain SCARES you which alone can cause all kinds of different feelings and reactions... Please, just take good care of yourself and best wishes to you always!


Hi MontyKat, ACV has made a huge difference to me as well eating some sauerkraut every day. I also drink it straight then follow with a drink of water afterwards. Hang in there!


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