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Fybogel causing loose motions?

I tried Fybogel some time ago and it wasn`t helpful but a new GP has suggested I try again - especially to help incomplete evacutation. I had 1 sachet the night before last and had 5 loose motions during the day, I took just one teaspoon of Fybogel last night and have had one very loose bm after breakfast today. I don`t think I have eaten anything that would have caused this but it seems unlikely such a small amount of Fybogel would have done this.

Has anyone else reacted like this to Fybogel?

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I think you need to give it more time to work. As it's a 'bulk forming laxative' it shouldn't give the symptoms you describe & usually takes a few days to start working. Try it for a couple of weeks go back to your doctor if not successful.


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