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Low stomach acid!?

I tried the "baking soda test" to see if I have low stomach acid and I didn't burp within 5 minutes, which indicates that my stomach acid is low.

Has anyone else had this? If so, any tips you can give me to increase my stomach acid would be great. I've been taking a probiotic since Monday, so it might take some time for it to have any effect.

I'm also going to start drinking apple cider vinegar in water before every meal as yesterday that seemed to be the only thing that calmed my stomach.

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I had the same result on that test so I took the raw apple cider vinegar for a while, but it irritated my system. I hope it works out for you, but if it doesn't maybe my new plan for myself will help you too: I'm going to try digestive enzymes next, along with drinking two cups of warm lemon water a day. The lemon water is a bit more gentle and helps to make your stomach more acidic. The apple cider vinegar has enzymes in it, but not the lemon water, so that's why I'll take the enzyme tablets on top.


Hi! The bloating, gas and stomach cramps seemed to go away for a while but now it's back - nowhere near as bad as it was though and I'm having regular bowel movements which is always a good thing! I'm thinking that the probiotics and drinking warm lemon water are helping. How are you getting on? I've thought about digestive enzymes but not sure if they'd make a huge difference - let me know if they work for you!

I'm going to try the baking soda test again next week and see what the results are but I think it could take a while for my body to get back to "normal" whatever that is!


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