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Loperamide (Imodium) doesn't work??

Anyone else on or been on loperamide for ibs d and it make no difference? I'm also convinced it's making my nausea worse. Anyone else? What are others taking for diarrhoea?

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Hi Pajohns.

I use Imodium for my IBS-D when I’m going out somewhere for a long day etc. If I’m at home, I don’t and let nature take its course.

After taking a good few since my D started 18 months ago, I have found it is less effective and I need to take more to stop the movements completely. Has it never worked for you? Perhaps something similar is happening..

Not to be a scaremonger, but I did read that if your D can’t be controlled by meds like Imodium, it might be worth getting checked for a bowel disease, like Crohn’s. Have you had a colonoscopy? (I haven’t, but will be asking my doc for one on Saturday when I visit).

I haven’t found Imodium causes nausea for myself personally, but everyone reacts differently. I would strongly suggest talking to your doctor, as it might be that a different medicine would suit you better.

I was put on Mebervine at the beginning of this year and that helped solidify things but almost too much tbh! I also follow the FODMAP diet, which has helped keep things more stable and I take a probiotic and Vit D tablets.

Good luck!

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Hi yes I am prescribed them and they don't work and just give me cramps. I started on acidophilus a week ago and the urgency has reduced as has the frequency. My doctor recommended them but would not prescribe them so I purchased them from Holland and Barret. They may be worth a try xx


What is the name of the probiotics that you bought from H&B as I'm looking into that. I also find that Imodium give me cramps


Hi it's acidophilus plus non dairy. I really think they are working for me, but the first few days gave me a little wind.


Cholestyramine powder two to three times daily. The evening dose is most important.


Do you have bile acid malabsorption?


No idea! It's something on my list to ask about the dr next week. It's possible.


Thanks for your replies. I've had a colonoscopy etc to rule out all the serious stuff, it's taken 2 years to diagnose ibs. I'm seeing my gp next week so I'll ask about acidophilus I assume it's a probiotic tablet??

I was really excited yesterday as I had a normal bowel movement (at 4am but still) and no symptoms all day. I thought great my flare up has finished (been having a bad time if it for the last four weeks) but this morning I'm back on the loo 4 times since 4am, diarrhoea, weak and jittery and the nausea is back which is the symptom I struggle most with.

I'm just hoping the gp I see next week (who is a more experienced dr) might have some better advice.

Thanks again


I drink hot water (from the kettle after boiling) and eat crystalised ginger for nausea - I find both help a lot. Some people hate the strong taste of that ginger though x



I have ibs c and d it ranges between.

I have decided i am not taking any western medicine as i think it food related.

So i went to a nutriotionalist. I now take a good peppermint oil, probiotic, digestive enzyme.

Always half hour before i eat or drink. Never take with hot drink.

I also stay gluten and dairy free as i found gluten made me so sick and bloated whereas now i never get bloated.

I gave up brocoli, onions, garlicz.

I now can eat more or less what i want ( gluten dairy free obv) but i hardly ever get stomach ache anymore

Or upset stomach

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Try Silicogel it's over the counter or on line a bit pricy. But it does work. You can also take other medicines with it should you need to

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Try Activated Charcoal. It's better than Imodium. Imodium just slows down your bowel movements. That's not a good thing on the long run.

If your stool changes maybe you could do a food diary. So you could see how you react to different foods.


Thanks. Doing a diary nothing stands out yet except things get worse when my kids are ill or something. Very much stress related.


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