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Worst two months I have ever had

Been a stressful few months with a lot happening re my daughter having fourth baby and her moving house. My stress levels reached an all time high although on the outside I appear to be calm and coping on the inside my guts churn. Constant upset stomach about eight times a day with bleeding with barely any warning. Went out for a meal with friends and felt very ill in the restaurant got up to go to the loo and passed out cold. When I came round my Hubbie had to rush me to the loo where I was sick as a pig followed by another upset tummy. Honestly life does get harder and harder to cope. Things are calmer now but still bleeding with spasmodic episodes of upset tummy. Thank goodness I work from home and my office is right next to my downstairs cloak room otherwise I couldn’t work at all. Trying to keep life stress free is well on nigh impossible and now Christmas on top. Keeping my chin up against all the odds just have to suck it up.

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so sorry to hear that. I too have had an incredibly stressful few years - especially the last 12 months and the IBS has got much worse. I have just started to see a hypnotherapist and will report back if that makes any difference


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