Intolerance tests?

Hi guys,

Just wondering if anyone can advise on how to be accurately tested for an intolerance.

I have self diagnosed a dairy intolerance but I would like this to be confirmed. And also find out if there is anything causing me problems.

I don’t know how much I trust these ones I have found googling online. And I don’t want to spend loads of money on one that’s not genuine. Or have you been tested through the doctors? I don’t know what to ask for?

If anyone has found anything successful could you please share!

Thanks 😊

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  • Try York intolerance test , they are accurate , where I got mine done

  • Thank you 😊

  • Sorry never had one was advised by a gastroenterologist once if I really wanted to find out if I was intolerant I could pay privately for the tests, but he and my GP and the NHS would not recognise these tests and would not act on the,. I looked at the prices and at the time didn’t have the money. After many years and many eczema flares and IBS problems my GP is finally sending me for allergy sets. But he has chosen for me not to go to the two local hospitals 6 miles and 25 miles away, oh no 11/2 hours away! Think he is just testing to see if I will go.

  • Thank you, yeah that’s what im concerned about. So they do, do the tests on the NHS, but you think they’re reluctant to do so? Can’t believe they are sending you that far. I’d rather go through the doctors though than get one of the ones online to be honest though. 🤔

  • They will not do intolerance tests on the NHS! As they do not recognise the results and they suggest you might be intolerant but don’t really believe it.

    Sorry to confuse you. I am having the patch test done on the NHS because of several severe allergic reactions. That has taken twenty odd years to get that!

  • Ah right I see! Ok thanks! 😊

  • I had a York test done if you do go ahead let me know as I've just received a £75 off voucher you can have but has to be used in the next couple of weeks.

  • Hi I've just had one done through Bionetics it's £55 but worth it and I used them 18 years ago to confirm a dairy intolerance, which saved my life then. They test your hair follicles so its painless. It came back with some surprising results which I have now taken to my gp.

    I got my results back in 3 days online, you just print them off.

  • What you intolerant to ?

    Did you have anything else come up on the test ?

  • My intolerance tester is based in Northampton for £50, its non invasive and results are given to you there and then.

    Just because 1 is intolerant to say cows milk does not automatically mean they are intolerant to say goats cheese etc. Its all tested separately.

    I find certain tests are way overpriced on net, and a lot don't seem to fully understand what they are intolerant to. Alot of companies do not seem to even know the difference between allergy to an intolerance and confuse people.

    I would research well before you pick just any.

  • Bionetics test 116 foods, they test for toxins and parasites, they also tell you which vitamins and minerals you are low on.

    I had some surprising results I am intolerant to dairy from my previous test, but now am intolerant to soy, coffee, tuna, bananas, buckwheat, broccoli, cauliflower and tomatoes.

    I would never have cut out some of those things, they really gave me my life back last time, hopefully this time will be the same.

  • Hey nico, Was it your hair they test ? I dont normally like blood or hair ones but if you found it worked thats excellent, bananas, tomatoes, soy and coffee were on my list to😡.

    I think i would of gone for a test which does food intolerances, parasites, vitamin deficiency etc testing all in 1 if i didnt have a fmp. My intolerance tester only tests for intolerances. But that worked for me as thats all i needed as my fmp did all other tests i needed.

    I think thats the great thing about intolerance testing, if we know for sure what we are intolerant to, we know not to eat it for sure, otherwise theres that well i don't know so il have a bit.

    My tests changed my life to. We should have a thread what we add our intolerance testers websites on so others can use them.

    When you say dairy intolerance, i see alot say this on forums, was you not tested seperately for cows milk, cheese, goats milk cheese etc ?

    Have you added foods back after 3 months of removal ?

    I should of stayed in bed today my day is not going to plan lol😅

  • I had bionetics testing. It very good as it also tells u what ur deficient in.

    So i was intolerant to cowsmilk,gluten, yeast, brocoli and a few other things i cannot remember but it made no difference as didnt eat them anyway.

    I was vitamin d deficient. Also had inflamtion in my body which i knew as i had ripped my bicep about 3 months before and it was painful so i was told to take msm and glucosamine.

    All in all very good as soon as left i cleared my cupboards out and put them

    In husbands and i went out and brought all new foods for me , months down line im good!! No more ibs

  • Hi. I went to my gp and asked to see a dietician for help with low fodmap as I was convinced something I was eating was the source of my problems. I was sent an appointment, questionnaire and food diary to complete. To my surprise the dietician suggested I was allergic to dairy, as opposed to lactose intolerant and the low fodmap changes I'd made myself included lactose free alternatives. I've been dairy free for two weeks now and there's a definite improvement. I have to stay off high fodmaps until the inflammation caused by the dairy has improved and that's something I wouldn't have realised if I did it alone. Not sure what the next step is when I go back in two weeks time but so far I feel confident with the help I'm getting from the dietician and I know the findings will be sent to my GP.

  • Hi, jls, If you have allergies you should get a allergy test from nhs asap.

    Allergy is not an intolerance.

  • Little toad, yes it was hair samples, and they do test test for cows milk, goat and sheep as well as cheese.

    I tried adding milk back in but can only tolerate in small quantities.

    My recent test I only had done last week, so still trying to implement.

  • Thats a shame you was intolerant to all dairy, its amazing how healthy food like tuna, bananas, tomatoes etc shows up for so many of us🙁

    Hope it goes well for you with your new diet

  • Thank you let's hope so need a break from the pain.

    Hope you feel better too.

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