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Stomach cramps for a week?


This is long so thank you to anyone who manages to read it all!

I haven’t posted on here before, I’m 26 and just wondering if anyone had any advice or similar experience/symptoms.

I’m currently waiting for a laparoscopy as I have some undiagnosed gynaecology issues. That’s not till December so I’m in pain all the time from that.

Last Tuesday, I started getting severe stomach camps just above my belly button and slightly to the right. these came every 10 minutes and were sharp and last around 30-40 second. I couldn’t stand it anymore so went to the GP last Friday. They gave me buscopan which I took all weekend.

Over the weekend I was in so much pain couldn’t get comfortable and felt like there was a trapped bubbling sensation across my stomach, I don’t think it feels like wind.

I didn’t eat a thing all weekend and still experienced some cramps though not as sharp or frequent.

Today when I stand up my stomach feels so weak and the bubbling sensation is still there. And I’m getting random sharp/stabbing pain across my stomach. I went back to GP this am and got omeprazole (haven’t taken these yet)

I’ve eaten some soup this morning and then had a cup of tea and dipped a few biscuits.

Last summer I has an endoscopy all that was found was a 5cm hernia. I’ve also had abdominal ultrasound last summer which was normal. I had these as I’ve experienced cramps before but they’ve never got this intense or lasted this long.

Thank you in advice for anyone who can offer me any advice.

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So sorry you are feeling so uncomfortable and its worrying when you don't know what the problem is. All I can say after years of pain in the area(s) you describe is to learn where the pain is coming from eg above the belly button suggests to me large bowel. So if the laparoscopy does not show anything then ask for a colonoscopy -I am no doctor but never give up until you are satisfied that all avenues have been explored. Good Luck and let us know what happens


Thank you for your reply, the laparoscopy is for my gynaecology issues so I know they won’t be looking for the cause of these stomach cramps, you say you have experienced the pain in that area, is it IBS that you have? How did you get your diagnosis?

Thanks again.


My 1st laparoscopy confirmed Endometriosis on the ovaries and surrounding area

My 1st colonoscopy which really in some cases can be an exclusion procedure showed no IBD, Crohn's, Cancer, Polyps therefore IBS was left.

I am sorry if I did not make myself clear in my initial reply that's why I have checked my facts and can reply with some confidence-

The Gastroenterologist when examining me took the trouble tell me what areas he was touching and why. Pain at the belly button area suggests its from the large bowel/intestine, pain just above the belly button suggests small bowel/intestine or stomach.

Please do not worry too much and just wait until your lap. is over, and as I said before let us know how you get on


Thank you x


Have they looked at gall bladder? I had gall stones... prior to getting my gall bladder removed I had two flare ups (years apart) one of which just like you're describing the other was weird and involved leg pain and lower back (I didn't associate the two at the time) might be worth a mention to docs (they missed it in me first time as I didn't meet the general description of a usual case x


Thank you for replying. I had an ultrasound and gall bladder was apparently ok on that. That was back in August. And when I saw my GP last week, she just said I’m too young to have gall bladder problems. How were your gall stones diagnosed? By ultrasound? X


Hi just to let you know my daughter had gall stones and had her gall bladder removed when she was 16 she was seriously ill for 2 years with bouts of acute pancreatitis which were undiagnosed and put down to stress. She actually nearly died as a result of this illness.

So...... although it is rare it is possible for a young person to have gallstones.

I hope things get sorted out for you .


Thank you, i had blood tests on Friday and nothing abnormal showed up for the pancreas ones. Do you think there could still be pancreas issue if bloods ok?


My brother in law had to have his gall bladder removed at 19, while still at college. I wasn’t aware that there was a lower age limit...


Hi, I have a very similar experience and unfortunately they still don't know what caused it.

I'm 34 female, not over weight and pretty healthy, but have had helicobacter pylori in the past and for years I've had issues with my digestive system so sometimes I think HBP is back because my stomach gets really acidy and causes me to burp really loud and sore and if I try to hold it in I get really bad trapped wind in my chest area.

4 months ago I woke up in the middle of the night with the exact pain you're describing. On the right hand side of the stomach. It was so severe I could hardly move. As the night went on the pain was pretty much all over my whole abdominal area. I could no longer take this and got an emergency doctor appointment. They sent me to the hospital straight away where I spend a few days getting tests. Urine, blood, x-rays, ultrasound etc.. They gave me buscopan along with liquid morphine but the pain was still there and it wasn't fully relieving me so I also took cocodamol for a little comfort. I didn't eat for day but drank water. They tested for kidney stones, gall bladder stones, appendix, ecoli, everything like that. Nothing!! They wanted an endoscopy which I had to wait for (NHS) to see inside my stomach due to the history of HBP to check for an ulcer.

The pain subsided about 3 week's later and I called to tell them it was in my lower abdomen and asked for a colonoscopy instead, but they wanted to continue with the endoscopy. Well thankfully it was ok, no ulcer but a mild irritation so I've now to take omeprazole.

Unfortunately that's the end of my tale, so still under investigation. My local go has tried to say it must be IBS (because they don't know) so gave me buscopan. But it doesn't help at all when I get pains.

I hope we both find out what caused this horrible pain! It can't be nothing right!? Were both pretty young!

Good luck


Yeah it’s worrying when you can’t get answers, I’ve got so many pains and issues but not one diagnosis! I’ve tried changing my diet, cutting out dairy but this past week has been the worse so far. And as there’s so many organs in the area you just can’t tell what’s coming from where! I just wish this wasn’t happening on top of all the gynaecology issues this close to my laparoscopy appointment, Just seems too much 😩. Anyway I’ll keep on with the buscopan for the rest of this week, just feel like I’m covering up the problem rather than fixing it! They tested for h pylori during my endoscopy. Last summer, It was negative. Can you develop this or is it just something you have that may or may not cause a problem? I have suffered with horrendous heartburn in the past but this past week haven’t had that. Yeah. Wish age wasn’t a factor in diagnosis, surely there is a possibility that anyone of any age could be affected by anything!!

Are they currently doing anything for you or any tests?


I believe you can develop hb.pylori at any time, but I think you can contract it from other people through kissing? When I had it I basically would eat something and then be in agony with heartburn & hickups that would turn into trapped wind and pain and constantly felt sick. Spicy food, onions etc.. would set it off but as it got worse I could be eating toast & it would cripple me. Thankfully it is treatable with omeprazole, bit it came back (which most doctors say it can't come back but it did).

Yeah age shouldn't be a consideration when the docs are dealing with us!! They were initially reluctant to send me for an endoscopy (which was such a horrible ordeal).

So my investigation seems to be at a halt. I was scheduled in for an ultrasound of my lower abdomen but they canceled this because I just discovered I am pregnant so they didn't want to proceed as I'm only 5 weeks. Basically I still have these issues and now I'm terrified that whatever is wrong with me will cause harm to my baby :(


Ah that’s lovely, but I know it must be worrying for you, I hope everything goes smoothly for you and you feel well. Why was your endoscopy a horrible ordeal? Did they not sedate you? I don’t even remember mine! 😧


I was not sedated for it. I was due to fly the next day very early in the morning so I needed to get in and out ASAP. I just hope I never need to get it done again.

Hope we find out one day what caused us to be in pain!


Have the York test for food intolerances it's expensive but with it.


Thank you, I will look in to this 😊


Hi I had the same symptoms as you last year the pain was so bad I ended up in Hospital the doc said I had had a seizure with my ibs and my insides had gone into spasm I am now taking mebeverine tablets 3times a day one 20 minutes before each meal which my doctor gave me and also have cut out all fatty foods but eggs rice spuds brown bread saltine crackers prunes pears porridge are safe to eat for me I got the info on the ibs website and there is a lot of help and advice on there too hope you feel better soon Chrissy x


Hi I find mebeverine works well when the problem really is IBS. If it doesn't calm things down then IBS might not be the cause. I don't have to take it continuously only during a flare up due to a dietary mistake or stress.


Has anyone suggested gallstones? The pain is in the right position for that, but an ultrasound should have shown them up.

Perhaps just ask if they could be the cause.

I hope things improve for you after your investigative procedures.


Only before my ultrasound were gall stones mentioned. It scan was clear, so unless I’ve developed them since August. I will ask if things don’t improve in a few days. Thank you


I have had a bad belly from 20 I had bad pains and had to hold in my belly I was crying at times the Doctor said it was IBS I take one are two peppermint tablets with a cup of water before I eat I only eat certain things I don't eat white bread are potatoes onions I would try things and if it gets bad I never eat it again it's hard but just have to do it half a hour after I eat I take two charcoal tablets I think the pain is trapped wind that's why your belly making so much noise I seen to be a lot better now but for years I was in a lot of pain and Doctors couldn't do anything about me I find about half a hour after eating a we walk helps I hope I have helped you

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Thank you very much for your advice 😊


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