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Finishing 7 days of flagyl and cripto

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Having had a really tender r h side abdomen for a week, dr put me on flagyl and cripto for seven days..finished two days ago

My prolapsed bowel op was cancelled 10 days ago, cos there was no bed..ven tho when they phone toboffer me this spot and I explained that I was just starting to have this tenderness..they would give me a thorough check when I arrived

However after they cancelled and gave me another date on the 19 Nov I went to see a new dr at our surgery..l she examined my tender right side and said diverticulitis and prescribed the above two antibiotics and told me to have broth only for three days..which I did

Then have started to have smaller lighter meals turkey and fish

I would say that for the past few years I have chronically constipated, taking Senna ducosate fibregel prescribed without question ?? For years

Anyhow now three days after finishing the antibiotics today for the first time for years I have had three very soft..not diarrhoea tho ..motions quite dark...

The tenderness slightly less over belly button, under rib and above hernia scar and appendix area

As I have had Very firm intermittent stools over the last two weeks but today three very soft stools , I am not taking anything to stop this as I think a clear out, surely must be good.

I am on Levothyroxine simvastatin and cutting down on cos has been the reason in part for osteoporosis

So having said all the above, I am still not sure if this two week tenderness..slightly less now though I can’t lift etc, but otherwise in myself feel fit and caused by

Diverticulosis, rumbling appendix IBS. Or lifting heavy things, Or my gall bladder which is full of stones,but decided with Consultant not to operate as I am in my eighties, or whether I need to back to dr to see if I need more antibiotics, which I am not keen to take before my op in two weeks..

thanks for reading


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