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So 2015 was diagnosed with cdiff at 34 years old. Took antibiotics prior for infection and made a more bigger problem obviously . Anyway 1 year of recovery and two colonoscopys I’m still not like I was before . Everything is back to normal but the left large intestine pain that comes and goes when it pleases ( lower side left pain near hip). When I was pregnant with my second child it all went away I was normal again , then 3 months after birth the pain came back . I have had a colonoscopy but dr was pretty much like it will go in time , I think it’s gettibg more worse. Periods come around so does pain on left . Not much helps . I know it’s constipation and wind trapped related . Drink tea, been taking probiotics 2 years since I got sick . I find Iberogast does work sometimes but not all the time . The pain is dull and does radiate to the left side of my lower back to. Went from runny stools after I got sick to this now . Anyone else know about this left side ache I’m talking about ?

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I have something very similar on my right side, just beside belly button it can radiate from my hip up the flank and to the back. It’s horrible and constant. Recently taking several different antibiotics for pneumonia then sinusitis and now this. Dunno if it’s relating but it’s all been within the space of a year

Booked in for a colonoscopy 17th nov as I was badly constipated as well (but bowel movements are pretty much normal again).

I’m 26y Male so I can definitely rule out anything to do female things lol.


Take your pro biotics atleast 1hr and 30min after your antibiotics . Those antibiotics are the root of my problems now .Yeah pain can be on both sides Dr said but mines only left . I think your colonoscopy will be ok, the process for colonoscopy is so ugly . Try Iberogast , it does help at times for pain .

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I had exactly same problem... this all happened to me, ended up in hosp for 4 days loads of antibiotics... i got better but not alot better noone could figure it out why i was still so ill.

Eventually i saw a alergist/nutrionalist who told me i was riddled with candida coz the amount of antibiotics i had taken.

Basically it was explained to me like this ( like a child) “ ur stomach is a lovely flowery summer garden but u get a weed( a infection) and the only way to get rid of this weed is to use weed killer( antibiotics) but what it does it it kills the weed but it also obliterates all ur lovely healthy flowers and ur left with a dead brown garden”!!!!

Candida breeds on yeast(bread, dough, pizzas,cakes) and sugar. So i had to go cold turkey and cut out all sugar fruit and yeast products! For 8 weeks. I then had to take probiotics( bioglan flora) , digestive enzyme, peppermint oil capsules and a table called dida!! Within one week i felt so much better!

Within 8 weeks i felt 80% back to normal....

I honestly felt so ill, i had pain in left side if bowel and stomach, i couldnt eat( i lost 2 stone) i had constant brain fog and diarrhoea.....

It now 8 months down line and im well and healthy... i gave up gluten, yeast and dairy. I still dont have much sugar as i got used to not having any and i still take me supplements.

It has made my periods better ( i was suspected of having endometriosis but it turns out i was just gluten intolerant ) .

Hope this may help u

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