Fizzy drinks on ibs-d

I wonder if fizzy drinks trigger it in your case. If cold, if drunk during the meal, bad effects adds up for me i reckon. Do we need to stick to water all the time, and still only drinking it before having the meal?

That was what I've been doing for a while but just had some cold ginger ale with my meal hoping things will go well. Obviously mistaken. Intestines started working overtime before long. Result is massive regret.

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  • Anything with an artificial sweetener in it is no good for me, so it might be worth checking if they are in your drinks. I drink cold still water and that doesn't seem to have an effect for me. It might be worth experimenting with different drinks to see if it is the ingredients, the fizz or the coldness.

  • Yes the gas alone in the drink can cause issues as well as the sugar or sweeteners. If drinking cold and quickly just hits your system with a shock! If needing a fuzzy drink take little sips rather than glugs. I have cut out fuzzy drinks personally x

  • I rarely have fizzy drinks as I am in pain afterwards so on the rare occasion I'll have a fizzy drink when I go out.

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