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Could bottled water be making my ibs d worse? 😕

Hi everyone,

I'm at a total loss at the moment with my diet. 😕 I've been following low fodmap diet for a while now. Although bms have firmed up a bit, I still have to run to the loo all morning.

I've tried taking silicolgel with my evening meal for the last week, and cutting down on fibre. The frequency of bms in the morning is the same if not worse.

I have been drinking bottled still water for the last year or so and I'm now wondering if it is making my ibs worse ( added minerals, magnesium etc). Should I just switch back to tap water?

Any advice?


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Bottled water doesn't agree with me at all, I steer well clear unless I have no choice. If I where you I would stop drinking it and see if there's a noticeable change.


I would buy a filter u can put in fridge that u just put tap water in and it cleans it they do add things to bottled water that can upset some people.

Have u thought that if it first thing in morning more it could b milk? Dairy? As i used to have it as soon as i had my cuppa and cereal id b on toilet then i realised i was intolerant to cows milk i changed to soya and it went.... also found i got worse after anything doughy, bread, pizzas, pastas so i went gluten free to and it has all changed my life i go to toilet once a day JOB DONE!! Literally..... plus no bloat no pain


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