Loose stools

I had few consultations from Gastroenterologist . Did a sigmoidoscopy plus more stool , blood tests etc , all were clear.She didn't find anything wrong. My major symptom is loose stools ,4 times a day or more . Her decision was "pancreatic insufficiency" .She put me on Creon 25000 . I have been having them for 3 months now. It helps for cramps /bloating/gurgling etc but loose stools. Then she prescribed me Pancrex V tablets . But looking at the ingredients looks like they similar to Creon .

Why Pancrex V ?

What could be other possible causes ?

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  • Loose stools look at your diet to much greasy food, to much gassy drinks ie: beer

  • Hi nish1013,

    Perhaps you have a candida overgrowth or SIBO small intestine bacteria overgrowth, I have had both these tested and have candida overgrowth server but not SIBO. I had the tests through a nutritionist.

    Good luck

  • Thank you. What tests you got done ? I got done biopsy, not sure it could check those conditions.

  • I am not qualified to tell you what to have done, but the SIBO test is a breath test you have to do after a limited diet, and the candida overgrowth is a comprehensive stool test.

    They are quite expensive but if it gets to the cause of the problem it can be sorted out, and it is not a quick fix.

    Hope this helps you.

  • Just had a thought are you in the UK? If so you might be able to get these tests done on the NHS but it might take a while and there is no guarantee that they will do them.

  • Yes , I am . Agreed, I used my private insurance to see the Gastroenterologist.

  • I would say to all on this wall look at your diet ,eat more pasta,fresh fruit,drink more infusions ,try to cut down on fatty foods, whole milk, gassy drinks etc, it's only working out the last year that with the help of my wife that we've come up with a diet that suits me

  • If you have IBS look at the low FODMAP diet cut out wheat/gluten and dairy etc x

  • Hi nish1013,

    This might be worth looking into!


  • Thank you . Interesting I started to take 15mg of zinc ( multivitamin) and condition improved! Thank you .

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