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feeling nervous

so ive had diarrhoea and constipation alternating for my whole life, im only 17 and it is beginning to be frustrating. I have lost 2 jobs due to not being able to go in with extreme stomach pains and diarrhoea, i have kept track of what im eating and it isnt related to anything at all.. i had a blood test yesterday and im awaiting results... very nervous, has anyone else had similar experiences

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Sorry to hear your having a bad time with it I've had it for 20 years it's really horrible but there is a lot of advice on here good luck



That's horrible for such suffering at your age, when most are carefree

Your symptoms could describe anything, e.g. coeliac, ibs, etc

Have a look at the recommend read post, to get a high leek level understanding and (free) knowledge on the bowel, and to familiarise yourself with what it could be.

Then try to get the relevant tests that match your symptoms from your doctor that are available on the NHS eg gluten tests, SIBO, Comprehensive Stool Analysis , or even privately if your doc won't do this.

Once you have a sound diagnosis, you then should have a great chance of treating your condition. This I think is a logical approach along with good diet and good probiotics.

Good luck


hey! thank you for your reply. My blood tests came back as normal as well as an ultrasound i had a while back.. doc has booked me an appointment for further investigation on 3rd Oct so i guess its just hanging on until then :(


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