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IBS Symptoms

Hi folks,

I'm hoping you can help me with symptoms as some of mine don't appear in the usual lists and I'm starting to worry. I've had the tests for other illnesses and they came back clear, but my episodes are getting worse and worse.

Apart from the usual symptoms like cramps, bloating, fluctuating bowel movements, etc, I am also getting the following:

Nausea, spiralling between extreme cold and dripping wet with hot sweats, uncontrollable trembling/shakes, fatigue. day one usually I can't get out of bed, this time I also felt faint, day 2 is better and so on until back to normal and then it will usually be several weeks to the next episode.

I've resorted to ordering a private blood test to see if I can identify a trigger, but it's very worrying - would be good to know if my symptoms are common?


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Hi Smithy

Some of your symptoms seem like ME, especially the fatigue. Have a look on the NHS website regarding ME & see how many "boxes you tick". Unfortunately, there isn't a specific test for this condition as far as I know, but if you can identify with most of the symptoms it may be worth while running it by your GP. Hope this helps you at least a little. Good luck!



Hi Smithy,

I have had all of these over time, but not as concentrated as yours sound. It does sounds as if your body is reacting really strongly to something in your food, or in your environment (I had a lesser but similar reaction with chemical intolerance: paint, varnish etc).

I would certainly go and see a doctor and get this checked out.



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