Anxiety attacks and ibs sickness

Hi all, my anxiety has flared up again and has now triggered my ibs. However when I wake up on a morning I feel sick and don't want to eat anything or drink anything. I drink lemon green tea if I do have the sicky feeling and that sometimes helps. I think I know what has triggered my anxiety this time around but that doesn't help me control it even though I know what it is. I've bought some kalms lavender and it worked for a couple of hours until I had to do something which triggered my anxiety in the first place then I had an overwhelming feeling. I feel awful. But I know I have to try and control it but there never seems to be a way to do it whilst it's got a hold of my mind. Any ideas or info are welcome. Just feel like I'm going around in circles. I broke down and cried in a chip shop yesterday in front of my dad and sister, it was rather awkward having everyone staring at me but I just couldn't help myself. It's sooooo frustrating!! Sorry for the long ranting post. Any help welcome

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  • Hi there,

    I don't have the best info for you, but I just wanted you to know that I'm in a similar situation. Getting anxiety under control is hard!

    Have you spoken to your GP about it? I'm on a waiting list for CBT and have started taking some anxiety medication which is helping a bit. I also started reading a book called Overcoming Anxiety which has been much more helpful than I expected as well.

    Have a look at low FODMAP diet as well (Kings College London have some good info). I don't know how successful it is but so many people have recommended it to me as a way to settle IBS symptoms.

    Hang in there.

  • Hi there Charl, don't despair as there is help out there. I suffer with Emetophobia and have brought a book 'The Thrive Programme' to cure my condition. I know this works as the reviews are fantastic and someone on here was cured by following the programme.

    I was following an exercise within the book and there was something I wasn't sure about so emailed them and Rob Kelly, who is the author and creator of the programme, got back to me within about 2 hours - amazing. There are a few books within the programme for all different phobias/anxieties and I would certainly recommend having a look - see below:

    Also I think it's good that RealAdorablePenguins is on a waiting list for CBT.

    Very best of luck and do not beat yourself up about this.

  • Bless you having a flare up is frustrating and draining. I have anxiety and IBS and am struggling a bit at the moment too. I just try to break the cycle taking Imodium and trying to not get run down by resting and eating as normally as possible. I guess trying to work on your triggers and having some 'tools' to hand when your anxiety or flare ups occur. Dealing with flare ups effectively might help keep them short lived.

    Anxiety Panicking about Panic by Justin Fletcher is a good book to try to work on physical symptoms of anxiety. Mindfullness, meditation and cbt would help. Working on our breathing is so important. Good luck x

  • Would also recommend ginger tea or gluten free ginger biscuits to settle your tummy x

  • Thank you for your replies. It is just draining but I'm trying to think around it. Hopefully will be able to get in to see my gp tomorrow but I don't want to be on medication really. I'm still taking kalms but I'm not sure if I feel any difference.x

  • Maybe ask for some cbt instead. Imodium is mild if you think that may help your symptoms short term. X

  • Thank you I'll ask for all options if I can. My ibs has calmed down thank god, I've managed that one. Imodium makes me really constipated though so I try and avoid it if I can but I do always carry some just incase.x

  • Hi there,

    If you know what (or who) the trigger is, that's a great start. I would recommend working on that trigger and your subconscious reaction to it in with a hypnotherapist or NLP practitioner. As it is a subconscious reaction, it is practically impossible to deal with it alone.

    Hope this helps,


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