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one off diarrhoea

most of the time I'm fine and I rarely get constipated, but sometimes for apparently no reason whatsoever I'll have a one off bout of diarrhoea with horrible stomach pains, then I'll be completely fine after. It's not linked to stress or anxiety as most of the time it happens when I'm perfectly relaxed at home, it's not certain foods as far as I know as I've not eaten the same things before it happens each time. It can't be a stomach bug as it happens maybe once a month, sometimes more often but not within a small amount of time and never more than once in a day. I don't understand why it's happening and it's really annoying and painful, does anyone have an idea what it could be?

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Depending on your ago of course it could may be related to hormones as it's about once a month - just a thought

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