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I've posted once before but this ties in with my IBS. Since becoming ill I've had to watch what I eat, how much I eat (due to pain,) what I can/can't eat and also due to doctors weighing me I must admit I find myself being obsessed with my weight.

I never had a problem before but now all I think about is my weight and how fat I feel. I was wondering if anyone else with IBS has found themselves in this position? I'm concerned about my mental health.

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Hi there, I feel exactly the same as you. I have noticed that I have starting picking at food more so once the 'extras' are all eaten I won't be buying any more unhealthy food to stop myself picking at sugary foods.

I am 1/2 stone over what I weigh normally and have been very obsessed with my weight for a few months now and it gets me down. The one thing that makes me feel so much better is exercise and in particular walking. I love walking and to make my body work better I power walk and feel so good when I have done say a half/an hour of this. Exercise is definitely the best remedy for the mental health and of course for the body as many healthy foods as you can - I know that us IBS sufferers can't eat all healthy foods but try to eat as many as you can.

Best of luck

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I have worried about weight in the past as in the last year I lost 2 stone and afraid losing more would make me underweight. Have chosen not to worry about the number on the scale and focus on eating well when I can and as nutritiously as possible. As long as you are eating as healthy as possible and staying hydrated, sleeping well etc your weight is just one part of your health x


Hi thanks for the reply,

I've gone from 9 nearly 10 stone to now 6 1/2 but where you're scared of losing more I'm scared of gaining. I feel like the moment I eat I'm now feeling guilty and I never felt like that until IBS came in to my life.


Yes hard isn't it maybe some counselling would help x

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