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Hi everyone. My first post on the site!

Just a quick thank you to everyone sharing their thoughts on this site, it has really helped with my journey with IBS.

The worst symptom I have is gut pain. To the point where I have to limit what I do.

I saw a pain specialist who prescribed me Pregabilin. I'm surprised to see that no posts have been written on here about IBS and the drug.

Has anybody had any experience with this drug re treating IBS, and if not, know of any other information surrounding the drug?

I am reluctant to take a drug such as this without careful research.

Thanks everyone!


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Hi , i have been taking pregabilin for 18 months when diagnosed with sjogrens and had severe muscle pain . I don't think it has made any difference to my IBS problems but if you do start to take it then build it up very gradually probably start at 25mg and increase slowly . I have not had any side affects but there are alot of posts on other sites about people who had problems and it can be hard to come off it . I hope this is of help 🌸🌸

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