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Pain under my right Rib cage

Hey guys hoping someone can give me some insight on this pain. I've been getting some sharp stabbing pain under my right Rib cage when I breathe mainly when I lay down. Has anyone else had any issues with this? I do suffer from asthma and know it has nothing to do with that and I also have acid reflux which is treated and know it's not that. Any other suggestions?!

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Just found out I have Barrett's esophagus. Had same terrible pain for months. Did an endoscopy and found that also ulcers. I had silent acid reflux so didn't know acid from stomach was damaging my esophagus. Google it. Lots of good info on internet. Took ages to find out. Only endoscopy will find it. I know exactly how you feel. Feel better


Hello, it depends exactly where the pain is. If it could be at the edge of your lungs, it could be pleurisy (more likely if you've had a cold, but people with asthma are more likely to get it). The liver, gallbladder and pancreas are all under the rib cage at that side. When I had a pain there it was gallstones. Could also be trapped wind going round the corner. Or there is a big lymph node there too. Is it worse when you eat fatty things?

I'd suggest giving it a few days, and if it persists, go to the dr. They'll be able to check your liver functions and see if it's likely to be gallstones etc or not. I hope you can find a solution. Roberta 😊


I get pain under my left rib cage its sharp it comes and goes I had endoscopy and they found nothing . I think it has to do with my upper intestines and digesting . good luck to you !

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