Probiotics and golden linseed & advice

Hi all :)

I had a consultation with a specialist yesterday and he is sure it's just "ibs". My GP is still doing tests to go with the hormonal side of things thinking that my reproductive system could be at fault.

Now I've had quite a few of contradicting views: the specialist yesterday doesn't think hormones and other issues could be to blame or making things worse

And a gp I saw agreed that my reproductive system could be impacting things.

Now it's come to light that I have polycystic ovaries (just the cysts not the syndrome) and slight fatty liver - I've been told both will improve with diet and exercise. But could impact tummy issues.

So my question is has anybody had any luck with probiotics if so which brand? I tried them before and after a week gave up now knowing I have to give it a good month to notice any difference.

And golden linseed any luck? Or maybe fybogel?

I am on a smaller budget being a stay at home

Mum so really looking for value for money too!

Also if anyone has any tasty low fodmap recipes that will help with the weight loss that would be amazing. I'm an awful cook but know I have to make more of an effort.

Thanks all :) x

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  • Hi,having ibs I can't have any seeds as they upset my tummy some people take chia seeds which are very cheap as for probiotics they do take up to a month to work but it's important to get a better brand as you get what you pay for an alternative is kefir which is quite cheap and has been shown to work just as well if not better than the capsules see if your doctor can refer you to a nutritionist a lot of surgeries offer very good diet and nutrition advice that is free.all the best.


  • Thanks for your reply. I honestly have found anything that particularly triggers my tummy. It's just bad all the time. So was looking at bulk forming stuff like linseed.

    I will have a look at kefir.... I haven't heard of it before.


  • Hi there, I tried Kefir for the first time yesterday and liked it and I did actually feel better once drinking it so I will be making my own culture which will work out much cheaper. I also take Golden Linseed every day now and that has definitely worked as Fybogel doesn't work with me at all neither does much else so it's Linseed all the way.

    Best of luck

  • I have never heard of kefir... can you get it in a normal supermarket?

    Apparently my mother in law has been using linseed for years just to help keep things healthy and swears by it so I will be buying some this weekend. Any particular brand that's better? X

  • Hi Lyn, I bought my Kefir in Sainsburys as a smoothie and it was lovely. You can get it elsewhere, just go on the internet and look through all of the supermarkets websites to see who sells it.

    Linseed is excellent and I have just purchased another organic one, I would rather go organic, and bought it from Holland & Barrett - link below - it's buy one get second half price at the moment.

    Best of luck

    Alicia x

  • I was told by my dr to take Align which is a probiotic formulated for IBS people.

    Have they run any tests on you?

  • Yeah I have had lots of tests done. Blood, stool and colonoscopy and nothing has shown. I have had more blood work to check my hormones because a gp I saw thinks it's related but the gastro consultant doesn't agree and thinks just IBS

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