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Pain in right side. I'm 61 and for years now I have suffered pain

I have always had trouble with my side. If I look down its on my left side from my view but I think the doctors consider this my right side. It's a bummer cause I've always told doctors the pains on my left. So if I look down at my stomach from my view it's on my left side. So anyways I have had pain here for years and it's changed a little every few years. At first I thought I was having a heart attack and like a rubber band was constricting my abdomen on my upper left side. It would cause me to have panic attacks cause I would be anxious from the pain and so panic attack would just compound it. I saw all kinds of doctors and they just said anxiety. Threw the years my left side always seemed weaker and I kind of guarded my pain with my left arm. Now years later it's gotten do that I have constant pain under my ribcage only on that side and also threw to back kidney area. It terrifies me cause I don't know what's causing this. I also get shoulder pain bad. When I rub or push on my kidney area it makes me feel like burping. It feels like air is stuck in Me and when it's at its worst my stomach seems like it's inflating bad and blows up and I can't breathe good . Sometimes I have. Constipation. It's ridiculous that I have to live with this. I'm 61 year old female. Does anyone know what I should do

I have been treated for hep c and was treated for that and they said it's gone now after 6 months of treatment.

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Could be IBS, sounds familiar, pain on the right , tight colon, bubbles ??? And then wind and the runs ??? Sound familiar?


Sounds like IBS to me as I feel like I have a tight rubber band round me often. You need to go back to the doctor and asks for tests to see if it's IBS. I had a Colonoscopy and Endoscopy to rule out any other ailments. I've had it since 1996 and am now 58.

Best of luck


Have you ever had an endoscopy? I have same pain right side. Feels like a knife cutting me inside. First found an ulcer then because if ulcer had to do an endoscopy. Turned out I had silent reflux disease which damaged my esophagus. Acid from stomach backing up in esophagus. That is what caused my pain. It's called Barrett's esophagus. Took a long time to figure out cause I never had heartburn. It went to my back and shoulder to and causes coughing. Only way to diagnose it is endoscopy. It's worth a check. Hope you feel better


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