Any advice?

Hey everyone

So I've been through pretty much all the tests and still have a few more things to check.

But I saw a different Doctor to my normal one and he agreed that my issues could be hormonal as a scan showed I have polycystic ovaries which he said atm was nothing to worry about as it was mainly the cysts but still sent off for blood work and also I have a slight fatty liver.

He allowed me to go back on the combined pill as this was the one I was use to and agreed that getting a regular period will help settle my stomach (my periods are very painful and all over the place. I spot in between also)

He also said that all issues will be improved if I lost some weight. I know I need to but it is difficult.

I have done the FODMAPS and the FOOD maestro and have no food triggers.

I get daily bad cramps and loose bowels and take buscopan and Imodium

Does anyone have any tried and tested tips on losing weight with ibs?

I try to exercise daily but am struggling as my stomach hurts so much.

Any advice or insight on any of this would be greatly appreciated 😊

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  • Hi there, someone on here did say that the hormone Progesterone could also be a trigger for IBS; they were taking a topical cream for menopausal symptoms and have now stopped using the cream for over 6 months and said they are so much better. I have just stopped using my topical cream as I am hoping that will improve mine as well - I would rather have hot flushes, which aren't very nice, than bloating, stomach pain and some time nausea.

    I have read on this website that people actually lose weight following the FODMAP's diet, at least by following this hopefully won't have too many symptoms. Also, I have heard that oats are on the FOMAP list but they aren't safe for everyone as some people with IBS can't eat gluten but of course you can buy gluten free oats.

    I lost some weight on the pre-Colonoscopy diet which is actually a low fibre diet i.e. soluable fibre.

    Very best of luck to you and hope you manage to lose some weight as I know it's now easy.

  • I found I regularly put on weight with IBS, and I just could not lose weight.

    This can be due to the state of your gut bacteria.

    If you haven't done so, I would suggest getting tested for Sibo and Candida. More details here:


  • Thank you. I will talk to my doctor about this. I do really think it's more then IBS as it's only since I gave birth x

  • Have you been checked for ovarian cancer (ca125 blood test) the symptoms are similar to IBS x

  • I think so. I've recently had my smear test (just turned 25) and had more blood work a couple weeks back and they've been okay.

    I do really believe it's something other than IBS though as it's only since I gave birth x

  • Maybe just check with your doctor it's not a routine test you would need to ask for it. A smear test would show cervical cancer not ovarian cancer. No intention of scaring you I just went through the same x

  • Could also check for endometriosis again similar symptoms x

  • I was thinking endometriosis. I guess for now it's just a waiting game until the next lot of appointments are over. And then they can test for that. I've just gone back on the pill so hoping it helps balance me.

    To be honest years ago my mum had stomach issues that doctors dismissed it all, she always got told to loose weight etc etc and in the end it turned out she had cervical cancer so I've been pretty on top of the doctors getting tests done x

  • Good well done my mum had ovarian cancer you know your own body and trust your instincts x

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