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l bought red grapes for constipation ibs

l have ask different people at stores and friends about the green grapes or red grapes. Is grapes green or red good for IBS . I have constipation most of the time. I found the red grapes a little cheaper this week! I love grapes but l am hoping red or green grapes will help with the constipation and ibs too. Will appreciate any info about this.


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Get yourself some mago7, read about it...ROS delivery of oxygenated

Large molecules of magnesium, is not to be considered a supplement.

Constipation will become a thing of the past, can safely be used daily.

No cramping or chemicals. I am gf/df and organic, and follow fodmap, and also Salicylic Food Sensitivities guide, as I can not tolerate any nsaids, especially aspirin. I have been doing all of this for around 5 years...u learn something new everyday! My blood work has never been better, Lost over 50lbs slowly, back to highschool weight. Due to past constipation I just had to have a band ligation (very painful), I have not been constipated since starting Mago7, you have to find your correct dose, and it is the best thing I have found to help me...I did all this diet change due to being constipated...really none of it helped. I am glad I am eating better obviously... But read up on mag O7 and get some, you will never look back...does lots of good things also besides letting you go. Best wishes.

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i sure will try! thanks!! Olivedog... l will just about try anything to keep things moving along! :)


I am happy for you... I hope you will be happy too!

Just watch your dosage, start slow!

My best,


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