Can immodium and simethicone make diarrhoea worse?

Hi, I'm new. 🙂. I am ibs d and really struggle getting out in the morning. I've started taking immodium plus comfort but it seems to make me worse. The other day I didn't have d but took one because I was going to work. Within an hour I had d. Could this be the simethicone causing this reaction? Should I just take the generic immodium instead?

Any advice on getting out in the morning with ibs d would be greatly appreciated.

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  • If you are lactose intolerant Immodium won't help

  • I had the same problems going to work for years. Not nearly as bad since retired so stress is a likely factor. If stress is a likely cause, to be honest little works.

    Codeine Phosphate pills from your doctor might help but then you will have constipation.

    Good Luck

    Will 1234

  • Hi Chocoholicww, I have the same problem but I don't take Imodium at the moment, I take Lomotil but have run out and it's now not licensed in U.K. so I'm going to ask my doctor to write private prescription as can get it privately - it's the only thing that works for me ... I have same problem getting to work 2 days it's horrible!

  • Try the Imodium melts (no lactose) x

  • As I seems to live not far from you I take 2 Imodium every morning to.get to work and one at night I also take questran 1 each day and I have had 4 good months worth a try there is a good doctor in Wrexham

  • Thanks everyone for your helpful advice! I've made a note of the medications and ideas suggested. It's so nice to know there are others 'like me' going through the same things. Don't know anyone in real life with this problem. Mornings are awful with ibs d aren't they?

    Yesterday I ate low fibre foods I thought would be safe for me, eggs, white bread, ham, crackers and have d this morning. 🙁 I've taken loperamide ( cheapest generic) so I'll see if this works better than the immodium comforts.


  • Have you cut out wheat and dairy? X

  • Hi Nicki

    I've recently cut down on dairy as I thought cheese might be adding to my problem. I don't think it's really helping. As for wheat, I've probably been eating too much as in bread, crackers, biscuits. I've just been shopping for gluten/ wheat free bread and biscuits. Do you think cutting out wheat would help?


  • Mornings are my worst time as soon as i getup running to loo and painful cramps i feel exhausted before iv even started. It sucks big time!

  • stick with the original Imodium's or the melts as they are very good. I tried the imodium comfort plus tablets and I didn't find them very helpful but the regular Imodium's and the kaolin and calcium carbonate tablets are great for me but we are all different so its a matter of trying out different things to find what's right for you. Good luck!

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