Any help?

I'm waiting to have a scan to check over things and have more appointments with specialists. But they are ages away and I have been struggling for a while now.

I have:

Stomach cramps daily with a constant ache throughout the day


Nausea - with vomiting when pain is bad.

I am on the low fodmap diet and already take pain relief, Imodium, mebervine, buscopan and peppermint oil. My GP won't prescribe anything more until I see a specialist.

But I am constantly in pain and even picking up my son is becoming difficult. My other half is so supportive but his work are becoming difficult therefore I am on my own.

Does anyone have any tips that they have that can help?

I'm just so bored of feeling so unwell and until I see a specialist I just don't know what to do.

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  • I discovered recently that tablets for hey fever help a lot, you can look it up on Google before you try them, the scientists now reckon that there is a possible link between the two. I started getting hey fever last week and my IBS flared up, took the anti histamine tablets and was feeling better again within a day or two.

  • Thanks. I will look it up. I'm willing to try most things at the moment

  • Be careful incase you end up taking to many things.

    But I hope it helps you.

  • I will. Thank you

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