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IBS or stomach bug?

Hey guys,

My name is Craig Campbell and I am a 24 year old male from Newcastle Upon Tyne.

During work on Thursday 20th April, I got a really bloated, upset stomach. I thought it might have been trapped wind bought the usual Rennie / Windeze and got no relief. Tried hot drinks. Friday night I went and bought some Buscopan thinking it could be an IBS flare up. Little relief, Saturday I went to boots and bought some Mebeverine Hydrchloride 135mg tablets and the stomach pain, cramps, spasms were so intense I went to our local A&E / Walk In department at the RVI, the junior doctor examined my stomach and just suggested taking paracetamol and seeing how I go! Sunday pretty much the same. Today monday 24th april still there. I had a telephone appointment with my GP and he prescribed again the 135mg Mebeverine one three times a day 20 minutes before food. I have been around 4 people who all have had 24 hour sickness and diarrohea but I have not had sickness or diarrohea, Possible to just get a stomach bug and pain but no sickness and D? I go to London this Friday 28th April and need to feel myself! What is this? Will it go away? #IBS

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The mebeverine always took about 4 days to work for me so it may work yet. I suppose it could be a stomach bug but hard to know really. If i ever get a really bad episode i buy Symprove which is a probiotic, it's expensive and tastes gross but really works for me.


Hi there, I had food poisoning back in 1996 (this is how I ended up with Post Infection IBS) and wasn't sick or had diarrohea. I would say that it may be possible to have a stomach bug with the symptoms but without actually being sick or having diarrohea. Or, as IsaacsMummy has said below, it may just be a bad episode.

Hope you are better very soon.


Hi Craig, I am suffering with similar to although I keep having to run to the loo!!!! It's horrible, the pain is something I have never experienced but I also feel very Achey and fluey.

You should be okay for the weekend, just take it easy. unfortunalty only time will

Tell if it's ibs or bug!

Get well soon


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