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Hello, i cant deal with this anymore ive been having severe abnominal pain for months, other symptoms including nausea, fatigue, painful sex, pain when i urininate, dont get me wrong at the start the doctors were doing everything to help me diagnosed with ibs but for me thats not right 2 years down and all the ibs tablets later they dont want too know, ive had more and more symptoms arrise as the 2 years has gone on and im not being funny all i can think about is cancer and now all they can think is that im going loopy and need cbt and talking therapy! How can the doctors let me down this much its got to the point wherr i see no point in going back to complain, im a 23 year old girl and im living life as an 80 year old. I cant go out with my friends u cajt do anything some days im just in bed in unbearable pain. Please help me with advice x

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Bless you, I've been there, never leaving the house, avoiding everything and everyone, in complete agony & not able to eat anything much.

I tried every tablet, acupuncture helped me & I tried hypnotherapy which helped but not for long. Eventually i got talked into having CBT, as by the time I tried all of that I was constantly anxious & stressed. It changed my life, I've had no symptoms for 10 months now, it takes a lot of work & I need to do it 100%, it doesn't mean you're crazy having CBT just that you need a little help & that's ok.

Good luck & know you're not alone, big hugs x x x x

Hi Jessica, have you been tested for polycistic Overy's? As the symptoms are the same. I have IBS and PCO and Endometriosis, if you haven't been tested for it, I would go back and see your gp also take up the offer of CBT as it will help with anxiety. Good luck.

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I only have one ovary as i had a cyst on one and they didnt catch it in time could i still get it with one ovary? Thanks x

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Hi Jessica sorry to hear what you have already been through, unfortunately it is possible to have it in the other as well, I have it in both. You mentioned that you have pain on urinating, have you been tested for a possible UTI ?(urinary tract infection) as that can also make you feel very unwell. Hope you get better soon, good luck.

Hi Jessica.

So sorry to hear how you've been suffering.

The first thing I would respectfully suggest is that you never stay with a physician who makes you feel inadequate or that you're not being listened to or taken seriously.

Second, I suggest that you take a look at the symptoms for Intersitial Cystitis as this often goes hand in hand with IBS.


I wish you miracles great and small.

Hi Jessica,

I'm so sorry to hear of your issues. I found some excellent help with some products I started using about 10 months ago, after YEARS of IBS combined type, migraines, abdominal pain. The products tackle gut health. If you have an overgrowth of fungus in your intestines, it can wreak havoc throughout your entire body, including malabsorption. Please let me know if you'd like more info! I'd be thrilled to talk with you about what I've been using! Here's my email: bethelisecurley@gmail.com

Best to you!


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