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Constant pain in rear end

I've had piles for years but asympyomatic usually. A few weeks ago they really flared and since then I've been in so much pain, just never go. They tend to go in on their own but come out again. I hurt all the time even through to vagina and low pelvis but mostly in rectum. Doctor has referred me to hospital. I had a ct colonoscopy a year ago which was fine but I think they will want to do an ordinary one. Byt I really cannot face it, just can't. U have a very loopy colon, sometimes my heart very irregular and BP drops rapidly. I am 70 years old. If I insist would the NHS give me a short general anaesthetic because I the ct one was bad,,ma barium enema a few years ago made me think I was dying and it's all because if my extra loopy colon. It would waste their time trying to do it while I'm awake. I'm in constant pain and fear.

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Hi there,

I'm sorry your having such problems like that.

I think you should talk to the doctor about your fears and worries and see if you can have suitable sedation. When I had colonoscopy I had to have more sedation due to my insides not laying right!! It was extremely painful and I told them at the time. The person doing the colonoscopy said he agreed as it was also difficult for him to move the camera.

I'm sure they will listen to you x


Thank yiu, but they only give light sedationbto over 60s, NHS Guidelines, etc. I'll just not have it done.


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