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Understanding irritable bowel syndrome: bugs, brains and leaky barriers - article in The Pharmaceutical Journal

Read full article published in The Pharmaceutical Journal here:


Thanks to Matthew Chaddock for talking about his experiences of living with IBS. Details of the Leeds support group that Matt runs, and others across the UK can also be found on our website at: theibsnetwork.org/self-help...

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Lots of great info there. But no cure. I have beaten my chronic IBS without meds, because after years of research I understand it. So hope is there; have a look around my blog and see if anything inspires you: SickofIBS.com

Have a great day,



Thank you for posting this it's a very interesting and informative article. Because we are all so different and no two problems are the same it seems impossible to find a cure all. I keep thinking I've found a solution only to find myself back to square one. Like Alison I search for my own solutions and over the years have a better understanding of my problems.



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