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Lots of diarrhoea coupled with cold hands and back aches

I have been trying to eat less carbohydrates for a couple of weeks. I haven't gone cold to Turkey but very close to it.

Anyway, when I got home last night I had dinner and then started to get chills, (my wife and I ate the same food) I had to turn my heater up quite high and put a blanket over my legs and wear gloves.

I slept through the night no problems as far as i know but in the next 10 hours I have been to the loo 8 times.

So, I'm cold and have very bad guts.

Can anyone point me in the right direction for treatment or diagnosis?

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It may be just a viral thing that you contracted and she didn't or some spice in the food you're susceptible to. Hydrate as much as you can with water and maybe electrolytes and if not better or have chills plus fever continuing go to the doctor.


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