New bowel organ

Any headway made finding out exactly what this organ does etc will be, fingers crossed, a step forward towards IBS being more understood and possibly even an actual 100% provable reason and therefore hope for cure from this hell of guts fire and brown rain. None of you are on here because your tip top but it need not all be bad news. Share the promising as well and give hope. Bless. J

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  • I think it's the mesentery you mean? It was discovered before Leonardo da Vinci so I'm sure it's going to take another long while for it's significance for IBS to be understood! Progress for us seems to be pitifully slow altogether. We live in hope though!

  • What are you talking about? Have not heard of any 'new organ' that promises to helps IBS.

  • A part of the digestive system has been reclassified as an organ, following research at the University of Limerick.

    The mesentery, which connects the intestine to the stomach, was previously thought to be made up of lots of separate parts.

    But Irish surgeon Prof J Calvin Coffey discovered it was one single structure.

    He said his research, published in the Lancet Gastroenterology & Hepatology, could lead to a new area of science and better understanding of disease.

    BBC jan 4th 2017

  • It's a marvellous organ, the mesentery. It keeps everything in it place but since all these bits move all the time it's very versatile too. It's lubricated, to allow all the organs and tubes to move, and it has a special system to swish the lubrication around. With grooves and slides. Wonderful to read up on.

    In some places it's only one or two layers of cells thick, these layers slide along each other. Each layer, each cell, communicates with its neighbours and with the organs and intestines it covers and keeps in place. Cells communicate with mineral and electrical transporters. Keeping tabs, calming each other.

    It really is such a supporter. Anything you can eat to fortify the mesentery is good food. I'm thinking minerals, full fats and gelatine. The things that help cell membranes.

  • You might want to look at this course. Don't worry, there's no compulsion nor any hurry. Its only a few hours long but quite informative, and in theory you can skip as much as you like

    It doesn't show the mesentery as an organ but explains what it does.

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