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My name is Karen. I have a home in GA but travel each month to Miami, FL to care for my elderly parents. I am retired from the USPS. I have had stomach problems my entire adult life. Last year, I had my gallbladder removed. That did not remedy my pain. I have been seeing a Gastro doctor for the past year. He calls it tinkering with my stomach/colon problem. As of this date, I have IBS/C. I am so very exhausted trying to correct my digestive system. I also have CMT which is an inherited peripheral neuropathy which attacks your extremities. I have learned from others that their stomach muscles have been affected. I am in the belief my intestinal muscles are being affected. Anyone have similar issues?

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Does fibogel help - a fibre supplement?

Also have you tried yakult - this helps me a lot. It is a Probiotic.

Also copy and paste


However I do not have the same condition as CMT.


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