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Pains below right ribs and back


Does anyone get this pain. I had 3 cts last year for lower abdo pains and 2 US for upper all clear. The pain is similar but I wondered do any of you get it just below right ribs andppainsin the back same level. Can ibs do this and on right. Also gets shoulderblade stabs. Have had gallbladder checked many times so it is NOT that. Would help to know I am not mad

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It could be wind in the colon, does it last for long. I don't want to make light of it but sometimes we worry more than is necessary. Tibbly

Yep.....I had to reread your post as I wondered if I wrote it and forgot! sound just like me! It also feels like I have a major muscle strain in my right side in the back. I've been told this is all intestinal referred pain and like you, have been through all the tests, etc... It drives me crazy with worry but then it goes away sometimes for months but does return! As long as it's nothing serious, I can live with it.

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