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Prolonged Diarrhoea

Last Sunday 8 days ago I started with diarrehoa quite out of the blue

The poo is black sludge it is very bad and my friend persuaded me to try and eat something not having done so for four days

I was on the loo 22 times in an hour just pouring away from me consisting of 50% water and 50% black sludge

3 days ago there was s lot of blood in it it that appears to have stopped

I was hospitalised three days ago and they have takensampled and await test results

And idea what it might be?

Please getting desperate

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You'll just have to wait for the test results


I have every sympathy for you, an awful thing to go through. Agree though with circketqueen, you'll have to wait for the results.

I hope that you get somewhere with the test results.


It's good you've had tests done as black stool can be a sign of bleeding in the gut and bright red blood can be a sign of ibd or piles. Fingers crossed for you that everything's ok.


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