IBS C - inflammation flare up?

Hi all, I've had IBS C as long as I can remember. I fix it for a while then it comes back. I also have endometriosis which was treated last May. Over the years I've had what I can only describe as attacks or flare ups. My whole abdomen becomes really sore, I can't get comfy in any position and I feel really hot behind my eyes and generally unwell. It happens every so often, normally not less than 3/4 months apart though. At the end of a flare up which is normally 3 days I have a banging headache. Anyone experience the same? I've had colonoscopy and gall bladder scan and nothing showed up...I'm assuming it's v bad constipation causing inflammation but I've never found out. By the time I get a docs appointment the symptoms have subsided. I also get lower right pain - quite near appendix, but it's happened so many times over the years I can't imagine it's that. I'm at a loss as to if it's IBS or endo related. Anyone any ideas?

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  • Hi hun, have you been on the endometriosis site on this network. Only because I was diagnosed with sevre endo 2 years ago through an op. And also found out I've been suffering Ibs sInce school years. Now 39) I don't know an answer but I get similar symptoms with saw tyred eyes , ab pain and mainly side back pain. Not had a colonoscopy as yet though but you can get endo in the colon. I guess also trapped air can get stuck around the abdominal areas not just back passage etc. Yoga and stretching and the Ibs diet can help. Xx all the best with endo etc.

  • Thanks for your reply! Yes visited the endo site - had a lap last May and felt wonderful for 6 months but my periods have gone a bit haywire lately. I'm 45 so probably approaching menopause. Another joy to look forward too!! I must try Yoga - I've heard it's good for IBS and endo. I did Pilates but think it was too harsh for my pelvic area!! x

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