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Moviprep or Picolax


I had a colonoscopy about 18 months ago and was given Moviprep which was gross, even though it was orange flavoured, yuk. I only managed to get half way through the second batch as it was making me gag.

I now have to have another colonoscopy on Friday and I've been given Senokot and Picolax.

What I'd like to know is which one is the most gross to take.

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Oh dear, poor you. As it happens, I had a Colonoscopy 2 days ago. But it seems the preparation is different in every hospital. I don't know where you are or even whether you ar ein the UK, which is where I am. |I was given 10 Senecot plus two Sachets of 'Citramag' to drink. I must be honest I only took 6 Senecot plus the Citramag which was no problem at all. It had a lemony taste and I can honestly say there was nothing unpleasant about it to make anyone gag. I don't know whether they would prescribe that for you? IOt's the one thing that was incredibly easy about it all.

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Thanks Anniec11. I am in the UK. It's too late now to change it. I've been given 4 Senekot which I have to take tonight and then 2 sachets of the Picolax to take tomorrow. Fortunately each sachet only makes a cup full whereas the Moviprep makes 2 litres in total. I know which I think I prefer.

I have never had Moviprep, but Picolax umpteen times, and have not had a problem with it. It is quite palatable, sometimes works quickly - other times more slowly, but it can give you very watery diarrhoea. Good Luck x

Hi , a few months ago I was given moviprep to take at home only managed 1 litre and had to phone hospital as had a reaction, hot face,throwing up and uncontrollably shaking to go with the diahorriah ! So they wouldn't do it the next day as they said I hadn't taken enough! Evil stuff

Next time I had 2 sachets of picolax under observation in hospital. No reaction but was running to bathroom after a few hours and it didn't stop for 2 days lol!

So defiantly picolax over moviprep for me

2 DAYS!!! OMG you poor thing.

I had Moviprep last time but was gagging on the second litre and didn't/couldn't finish it.

Why oh why don't they tell you in the instructions they give you that if you have yours or my reaction to it to stop taking it immediately?

All of it is gross and I vomit it all up. It has stained all my ensuite and will never forget the trauma it left me in.

Good luck !!!

Right, well the colonoscopy went ahead and I opted for sedation. I'm so glad I did because I felt every single twist and turn of the colonoscope :( and it was quite uncomfortable.

It turns out I have ulcerative colitis.

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