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Hello everyone

I'm Amina I've used this site a few times for tips ect but hadn't signed up till today, feeling rather sorry for myself today sore,bloated and when I say bloated I look over due with a baby. Now I do have a healthy diet all food made from scratch eat plenty fruit and drink from my berky water filter but still Im Severally constipated I have M.E and fibromyalgia also depression and anxiety but I found if I ate 1 orange a day I was fine and always did a morning poop that was quite soft.... So sorry super gross i no but now it's medium lumps and so painful and I'm starting to worry I've got a lazy bowel I take strong meds and I know they can contribute towards constipation but I'm getting fed up with it I can't stop the meds and I tried cutting down and I was miserable due to being in agony I already have alternative treatments I pay privately for a chiropractor also hijamma and massage but still was so sore when I cut my meds any Ideas would be greatly appreciated thanks so much for your time x

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Hi, sorry you're feeling so horrible, out of interest, are you on Levothyroxin?


Sorry you are feeling so bad, Amina.

I have recovered from chronic IBS and a start of Fibromyalgia, so I can really relate to what you are saying. It's good to be looking for solutions. One of my big triggers was stress. This can maybe start you on the right track: sickofibs.com/well-being/a-...

Reducing the amount of tension in your body, as well as your reactions to stress may be key.

As well as the blog, I am writing a self-help IBS course which I hope to put on Udemy soon.

Hope that helps you. Know that there is a way out of it all, and without meds.



You might want to try drinking good quality Prune juice or make some smoothies with kiwi fruit and blueberries, raspberries ( couple of spoons of Greek yogurt)It easy to digest. if you are anything like me it may take a couple of days to work. But you need to keep it up.


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