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Bachelor thesis on IBS and the GAPS diet


My name is Bianca van de Schraaf and I am a student at the The Hague University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. For my bachelor thesis I am conducting a study about the GAPS diet and how well that works for people who are diagnosed with Irritable Bowl Disease.

Since the GAPS diet is still very unknown in The Netherlands it is proven to be very difficult to find enough respondents for my study. Therefore I am now also looking for respondents abroad and I could use your help.

The study consists of an interview (via phone or maybe via Skype) which will take a maximum of one hour. Naturally, I will call you so you will not have any costs. Answering the questions via e-mail is also possible, however that will involve more typing on your part.

The interview will consist of questions about your experiences with the diet. Were they good or did you have a bad experience? Was or is the diet difficult or costly, etcetera. There will also be a few questions about the intensity of your symptoms before you started with the GAPS diet versus now.

It goes without saying that all information will be completely confidential. For my report I will only use anonymised data.

If you are interested in helping me completing my study and my bachelor’s programme, please send me an e-mail at the following address and I will contact you to make an appointment.


Thank you in advance.

Bianca van de Schraaf

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Great subject Bianca. Sorry, I haven't followed the GAPS diet.


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Never heard of that diet


Sorry not heard of that before, good luck though.


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