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Colonic transit

Hi all,

I had a colon transit study and went for the x ray on Thursday. I hadn't opened my bowels from sat and so all the rings/markers were still in my system and quite high up which the X-ray showed. Even the radiologist looked concerned.

This morning a bowel prep and scheduled colonoscopy came through the post for Thursday, bearing in mind I had one a couple days before xmas..

I'm feeling very anxious and thinking the worst, has anyone had a similar experience or know what might happen next

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Hi, the same thing happened to me with the transit study. All markers were retained in the upper part when I wasn't taking any regular laxatives.

I repeated the tests whilst taking regular meds and still retained 23 out of 50.

Had a colonoscopy and the prep was 2 x enemas which didn't work and the camera didn't go as far as they had planned it to. This was about 4 years ago and they never revisited it despite not getting the full result.

At my latest hospital appointment I really let rip on how bad my care had been and within 10 days I had an appointment for a virtual CT one (due to have next week).

For the last 4-5 years I have mainly been taking Biscodyl (over the counter dulcolax. Have recently tried procalopride which worked for the first few days then stopped but also had headaches as a side effect.

I'm 31 and this has had a huge impact on me over the last 10 years!


Hi thanks for your reply! Sorry to hear, I know how you feel it's really frustrating as one min you think your getting somewhere then the next they fob you off.

I'm 21 and have had this since 15, same as you I've been on the bisacodyl, on prucalopride now but only take it now and then.

Did your consultant discuss anything with you about why your constipated?


Says MAYBE he has spine problems.


The hospital have basically said that the nerves that squeeze stuff through do not work properly if at all...

Once the waste gets down into the recrum it sits and builds up and can hold quite a lot before I get the urge to go.

I saw a consultant a couple of weeks ago and she said long term use of biscodyl wasn't good (but is obviously the cheaper alternative as we pay for this ourselves and procalopride etc is expensive on the NHS)

I have also developed a rectocele which is a little pouch in the recrum which also stores waste so it can make it more difficult going to the toilet. Luckily it hasn't had this effect yet.

I was offered surgery to repair it but I don't think it is entirely necessary at the moment as it will not help the actual constipation. I would also need to get over them using pigs skin to repair it and even then it may not hold in place forever.

I have had the other tests that have been mentioned, where they insert the porridge like substance and get you to squeeze it out behind an x-ray screen. This is to measure the capacity in the rectum and to see how you empty it. Also test how responsive your muscles down there work etc

This test was done at the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel.


Gosh, this strikes a very familiar note...I too had a colonic transit study done. I was give 7 capsules to swallow , one per day! Then they X-rayed. I know they won't have travelled anywhere, because I have not been able to open my bowels at all during that time (which is now sadly normal). I have not had results yet. Following that they booked me in for a proctocgram. NOT pleasant, but as I have been suffering from unexplained problems of being unable to pass any motion without laxatives, I thought I would have to bite the bullet and have it done. You swallow a horrid Barium liquid and this i followed by the same type of barium liquid being inserted into your back passage. Sorry if this is unpoleasantly graphic, but apparently it is important in finding a diagnosis. You are then expelling this liquid whilst sitting (behind a screen) on make-shift toilet and the process is recorded on Xray. I have not yet had the result of this either. The third part of the investigation of my problem is a colonoscopy. I have not yet had this. However, I told I have to prepare for this by swallowing two sachets of laxative powder PLUS 10 Senecot laxatives as well in the 24 hours before the colonoscopy. I do object to the extra 10 Senecot tablets, as I know what two do to me!!!! That cannot be good for anyone's intestines... I would add that the this problem started following spinal surgery. If anyone has had similar problems to this?


I had this test done after being in hospital 15 times in 2 years with bowel obstruction. My shapes were still high up in my bowel and I was diagnosed with slow transit constipation (the nerves and muscles in my bowel don't work properly) my colonscopy test was awful and they had to stop because of the pain and the prep didn't work properly. My sigmoid colon was very long loopy and floppy after years of constipation which was causing my bowel to fold or twist causing obstruction. In March 2015 I had major surgery to remove 1/3 of my large bowel. I have not been back in hospital since but do have to take laxido daily and am gluten dairy and soya free. I also have a severely under active thyroid which causes constipation.

I would say you also have slow transit constipation and need to see a gastro. Have you had your thyroid checked? Best of luck to you.

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Hi thanks for your response! I managed to get referred after 32 days of no bowel moment through a&e, was admitted for 12 days, has moviprep x4, gastrograffin and a cocktail of other laxatives. Been for physiology tests too. The colonoscopy came back clear, haven't got the results of the biopsy though. Was then sent a colon transit and saw on sat morning I was booked for another colonoscopy on Thursday. I'm under a gastro consultant, they done thyroid tests while I was in which was normal.

Discussed it with my gynae also as I've been constipated for a good few years now (although I wouldn't call it constipation as I don't feel like I need to go, just very uncomfortable) and she believes it could be endo which I am having a lap for in the next couple weeks


I was under gynae too as when I has a CT scan they found a large fibroid. It was a year with colorectal and gynae arguing and passing the buck about my bowel obstruction problems 😫. Best of luck


Hi I have had all the tests and same problem as you. I have just started taking movicol which is the same as laxido. I tried this a while back but it did not help. I have using high doses of magnesium which can cause bloating. The doctor said I should try Movicol again, but a higher dose of three times a day. How many do you take and when in the day?

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Hi I've been on movicol for around 3 years on and off. I was taking 3 sachets a day then since the chronic constipation in November I was having 6 sachets within 2 hours so from around 2pm. It really doesn't agree with me, i get severe bloating and find it a lot to drink, plus I have a very weak bladder so that's no good lol. At the moment I'm on prucalopride which is very strong, resolor and I literally have a mouthful or two of the lactolose. Even that can take a few days to work

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Before my surgery I was on 4 laxido a day, magnesium hydroxide and 250 of linzess and still getting obstruction. It was 2 years of hell to be honest. Surgery was the only option for me to stop my bowel twisting and folding.


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