Iron odour in stools

Sorry not nice I know but there's been a funny iron type odour to my stools in the past week or so, I don't take supplements but I have been using chia seeds and cacao in my smoothie maker, could this be the cause? No blood visible and they look normal otherwise. I've had a fullness feeling under right rib cage for about 3 weeks and lots of flatulence . My gp suspects gallstones.

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  • That's raw cacao powder not cocoa. Could it be old blood in stools? Should I go back to gp?

  • Maybe worth asking for a sample to be checked for blood and doing a blood count for anaemia. It's an easy test to do. I guess bleeding from your stomach could be a possibility.

  • Yes it sounds like gallstones but could just be that your stomach is making too much acid. Has it was with me. If you go for a scan it is very quick and they tell you right away.

    If we eat different things that can cause funny smells and are discoloration

    Very best wishes

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