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It's a very terrible experience to me to describe about IBS. I'm suffering this problem from years. Can't eat anything without rice and vegetable. My belly always bloated specially when it's last part of the day as well as night.

Doctor suggested me to avoid: milk, sweetmeat, polaw etc. Though I'm abiding my doctors suggestion but it's not improving at all. Day by day i'm getting weak. This is making me depressed.

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I feel your pain and depression!!

Ive been suffering for 25 years and as long as I can remember. Im 40 now and it gets very depressing. I just started the FODMAT diet and hopefullly it will help some. Nutrionist also recommended VSL #3 or Align for a probiotic (she said those are the best for IBS) and Vitamin D which i just started too.....

Im here if you need a friend😋



Ask your doctor about a condition called Dysbiosis


Hi babe that ibs is a horrible condition pain & cramps nausea & never far from the toilet but what I dont no about ibs I am suffering with it you carnt eat anything everything upsets yur guts but ibs can be something else because I started losing loads of weight with it & got so ill & weak I was like a waif untill it became severe anemia brought on by not getten the right nutrients so I needed a blood transfusion right away becouse they said I had so much damage in my intestines so thry gave me a biopsy & sed you have celiac disease now as well as ibs becouse ibs has the same symptoms as celiac disease so dont rule out celiac get a test for it take care patricia


IBS is a terrible experience!!! I have only been suffering for 6 months and my heart goes out to all of u that have suffered for years. I finally have a diagnosis of ibs and the gi specialist recommended medications or peppermint oil and fiber. I decided to try peppermint oil and fiber because I am on medications already for chronic migraines. The peppermint oil capsules and copious amounts of peppermint tea have eased the daily morning stomach pains somewhat. I am going to introduce the fiber next. Have been keeping food journal and interestingly same food can be okay one tI'm and make me severely I'll the next, has anyone else experienced that? A spicy burrito will be great but plain rice will make me so sick.

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