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Alright everyone, let me start off by saying I have MAJOR health anxiety. I had the stomach flu on Halloween of 2016, and since then, I've had stomach issues. I've never suffered from any of this so with my health anxiety, I'm imagining the worst. I had blood and stool tests and they came back normal. My doctor and my Gastro think it's PI-IBS and/or anxiety induced IBS. My anxiety has me convinced it's something terrible and I'm TERRIFIED of it being IBD. I'm getting a colonoscopy for peace of mind. Anyway, after reading some posts, I've realized that most people have it worse than I do- my symptoms come and go. I've had random diarrhea about 5 times since Halloween and some constipation. I also have gas, bloating, and discomfort--- IF it was IBD, it would be worse than what I'm describing, right? I'm not asking you to lie to me, but I feel like it's worse "in my head" because this is something I've never experienced before, and because my anxiety makes it so much worse. I'm so incredibly terrified.

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If you've been thoroughly checked out and by the time you have your colonoscopy you will have been then relax. I was checked out more than 30 years ago, nothing found and that was it.

Over the years I used to lurch from being constipated to having diarrhoea, no fun at all but there really wasn't much I could do about it.

Recently I had dreadful lower gut pains plus all the usual symptoms, painful and debilitating and I was worried enough to go to my gp and get checked out again 'just in case' but as nothing sinister was found, it was only my IBS again. Unfortunately one of the tests was for gluten which was a total waste of time as I've been completely GF for over a year - pity I only found out what was being tested for from the phlebotomist!

If your doctors think it's stress related once you've had your colonoscopy and ruled out everything else have you thought of hypnosis to help you relax and live with it? Stress won't help your gut, have you been checked out to rule out coeliac and have you been checked for helicobacter pylori?


Hi there, just like fruitandnutcase below I was also tested a very long time ago, around 21 years, and I recently also noticed some changes so went back to my GP and had another Colonoscopy, again everything was clear. My IBS started because I had had food poisoning so mine was post infection IBS. I suffer more with IBS C but there are times where I can suffer loose stools but not that often.

My IBS is mainly gut pain which sometimes travels to my side, ribs and back. I am getting rid of the Christmas rubbish i.e. chocolate and will then start a non dairy diet as it seems quite a few people are intolerant to dairy. IBS is also a lot to do with food as well as anxiety and I can only tolerate really small amounts of sweetcorn, broccoli, cauliflower and onions - I had a really bad attack after eating some raw onions back last year.

Meditation may help your anxiety, although I have never tried it but know that others have.

Please try not to worry as it certainly sounds like you have some kind of post infection, as fruitandnutcase as said it could be helicobacter pylori, I was tested for that but came back clear.

Best of luck

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Ive had really bad stress induced anxiety for around 6 months now and keep having that 'butterfly' feeling in my stomach. Its awful. I suffer from depression aswell. The more i worry about the diarrhea the more it happens. Its a vicious cycle. So fed up of it.


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