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Tummy trouble?

Hi all, im am not sleeping well last night i had about 3 hours, i lay there and im sweaty, i have waves of nausea/ dizziness, my arms feel tingly / heavy, i cant get comfy, i have a vague pain/ feeling in my tummy and i pass quite abit if wind. I have been constipated for a while and not going fully. This same thing happened friday night aswell. I also have anxiety and feel the worst about everything. My temperature and pulse / heart rate are normal.

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Typical result of wind and constipation I'm afraid. Try to find out what affects you to combat the wind

Could be: dairy, soya, pulses, peas, beans, onions, garlic, cauliflower and some fruit.

Try eating more fruit and veg to combat constipation or other acceptable fibrous food although gluten can also cause wind

Hope some of the above helps

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