'Hey i am new to this so not sure what to say... .. my name is paige .. I have IBS and I've, had stomach pains and diarrhea for the past 1 week 3days, im using the toilet every 10 minutes, i also prejudice alot off gas atlest every 5 mins. Really Sorry for the detail but I'm just worried.. I'm just getting general stomach pains and swollen and nausea. Anyone know what it could be? And I can't wait for my doctors as the appointment isn't till the 20th... so please help :)

Thanks Paige

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  • Have you tried the low FODMAP diet yet. Help settle down everything. It's not a miracle cure but it does help for the symptoms of IBS. However my colonoscopy showed that I have an underlying condition called diverticular colitis which was causing my severe diarrhea and pains and was an underlying cause for my IBS. So make sure that there isn't an underlying condition causing your IBS to get worse. But I do recommend the diet at least try it for about a month and see what happens. You can find it look it up all over the internet

  • My doctor put me on co-phenotrope as well as loperamide and that has improved matters greatly but he co-phenotrope is hard to get and you have to find a pharmacist who will get it for you.

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