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Reflux and IBS

Hi guys

It's my 1st post and have already read a few blogs from people who are suffering the same symptoms as me. I have an acid reflux and Dr diagnosed IBS a few months ago. Over the New Year, my reflux was terrible and although I wasn't eating rich foods and don't frink, it made my new year awful.

Wednesday night my IBS flared up and so far I've made 37 trips to the loo with the runs. I'm off work now and I reckon my boss thinks I'm making it up, but as you guys know IBS is so difficult to live with. I have an ultrasound scan on Monday to see if the Dr's assessment is right or if there's anything else.

Your posts have made me feel more at ease with my condition, especially with your words of reassurance to each other. Take care guys - Andy (age 50)

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Hi Andy, after a gall bladder removal in Jan 2016 I have constant problems with digestive system. The doc diagnosed me with IBS. I have lower abdomen pain but I can either have constipation and/or diarrhoea. The acid reflux has got worse over the last few months and I have bought over the counter meds for this. I now take meverberine and laxido when symptoms are at there worse as I can't stand the pain. Was in agony a few weeks before Xmas and now not so much with the right of meds. Glad I am not the only one who suffers like this. Take care everyone. Elmira


Hi reflux could be stomach making too much acid and that will give you the runs.

I had a course of Ranitide and am ok now

I am age 58 female-blessings


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