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i recently had a colonoscopy and am waiting an ibs diagnosis(100% sure at this stage it's ibs) I can remember getting digestive problems when I was around 15(24 now) it was during school one day my bum started making really loud sounds like it was whining or there was aloud of gas in it but not coming out just moving around inside. I kinda managed it the last few years by having a bowel movement in the morning and not eating much during the day if at work or college, but recently I lost 6 stone through a weight loss programme and it has gone out of control I have symptoms at least 3/4 of every day. Symptoms would be grassiness, abdominal pain, very bad bloating, going to the toilet but still very constipated as its not formed stool and the noises 😰 Their is constant gurling, bubbling, gassy sounds coming from my stomach no matter whether I ate or not, and every few hours I feel like my rectum is full but nothing would come out only gas and a few pellet like stool. I'm back in college again and I find it so hard that my stomach is so loud, I have classes for 8 hours every day and it's so hard to try and keep my stomach quiet for that length of time. My anxiety has sky rocketed since I went back to college over the noises does anyone go through this Aswell and have you any tips on something to do for it?

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Hi Noelie,

That really sounds like IBS - but it was good to get it checked out. I have managed to beat my IBS. Check out my blog - you may find some tips that can help you at SickofIBS.com


First of all, it's quite natural for your bowel to make sounds, although I appreciate that if it is happening a lot and is very loud then it can be very embarrassing. I used to have similar problems but thankfully now it's more under control.

You say you're on a weight loss programme. What does this involve? There are two possible explanations for why your noises have increased. If you're eating different types of food, your body might not be used to digesting them, or they may be more readily digestable by the bacteria in your gut. Alternatively, if you're eating less in order to lose weight, this is likely going to mean a) you've less food in your bowel to form a stool, and b) food will clear through your bowel faster. Once food has moved along the bowel, the intestines have a process of cleaning which can often present with the symptoms and sounds you describe. I know that I get flatulent when I am hungry.


I had similar issues for a 5 month period. Turned out not to be IBS despite a GP suggesting it was. Anxiety is a powerful thing.


Thanks for all the replies. Patientj I don't think it's to do with the different food as even though I was overweight I always ate healthy foods just way too much of it. It could be to do with the quantity I eat now do. I just find one day I can wake up have a bowel movement and eat small bits throughout the day like a slice of toast, a banana, a few mints to chew on during class, a nutrigrain bar things like that I'm usually not too bad but I could do the exact same thing the next day and have all the bad symptoms again bubbling and gurling in my bowel it's just so frustrating I don't know when I wake up every morning whether it will be a good or a bad day. If I didn't have a bowel movement in the morning I actually couldn't leave the house because the noises are actually non stop every couple of minutes and I often taught is this in my head but even my family and boyfriend has pointed it out so it is quite loud. I'm just fed up of it Iv tried everything probiotics, change in diet, exercise, digestive enzymes, fybogel, staying gluten free and dairy free for awhile, colpermin, buscopan helps a bit with the spasm but not the noises. I'm just fed up at this stage with it I feel like iv tried everything and nothing seems to be working, anyone have any other suggestions?


The gurgling could be hunger pains ,try cereal breakfast porridge is 2 mins in microwave,or cornflakes,or bixies, with milk,1/2 slices of toast with flora and a cup t or coffee


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