Any advice please! I'm so worried!

Hello everyone, I'm new here ☺️

I have the most awful problems, have been waiting for a colonoscopy since April but have had awful symptoms for years, just never been brave enough to have them investigated, but since being made redundant over a year ago, I think stress has made things so much worse, things have got out of control! I'm seeing the physio next week, having a proctogram and my colonoscopy 😫😟. Has anyone else had these procedures and do you have any advice please?! I try to follow the FODMAP diet, but it's not been easy over Christmas! Also, some foods seem fine for a while but then take a nasty turn! I take Immodium daily but feel sometimes it lulls me into a false sense of security!!

Any advice would be fab thanks!

Happy New Year!! 🎉

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  • Hi

    Colonoscopy no big deal. Its the prep that is fun. Clears you out big time. Your colon is so clean you squeak when you walk after ha ha ! You can be asleep or awake but no pain and they have a good look around. Just relax and you`ll be fine.

  • After having the consultant dig around up there 😕 My initial fear has gone! I've had so many problems I'll hopefully have some answers soon!

    Thanks for advice - Haha, can't wait to squeak 😂

  • I just had my colonoscopy about six weeks ago confirmed that I do have ibs-d and also diverticular colitis. Was advised to keep following the low FODMAP diet which I did all through the holidays. My diarrhea episodes have lessons from 2 to 3 a week to about 3 a month. And the severe stomach pains only happen occasionally. As my tummy feels better I add in some of the restricted Foods on the FODMAP diet to see how it goes. I seem to do ok some days when I am not following the FODMAP diet and then other days I'll get extremely sick. I think what's happening to me is if I get too much of the high FODMAP food in my diet then I have a problem. If the tummy gets bad again I go back to the complete restricted FODMAP diet until my stomach settles down again. But I have been on an antidepressant for my diverticular colitis which they said the medication would take 4 to 6 weeks to kick in. So I am getting better. I completely sympathize with you because there were some days where I was afraid to leave the house because of the uncontrollable explosive diarrhea. And my stomach pains were excruciating like labor pains. Now I am seeming to have more constipation then I am diarrhea . I think it's because of the low FODMAP diet is very low fiber and I need to take a fiber supplement. All I can tell you is get that colonoscopy out of the way and try not to stress take one day at a time with your diet and keep a food diary to map your symptoms and your food it helps a lot. Good luck

  • Hi,

    I have so many days when I can't leave the house, and certainly can't leave any day before noon as things are worse in the mornings!

    My diet has gone right out the window over Christmas but will be back following FODMAP as best I can in the new year

    I have my pre op for the colonoscopy next week, then have to wait for a date!

    Thanks for your advice x

  • I have had two colonoscopys with sedation not a problem. In fact the bowel prep is worse than the actually op.dont know what a proctogram is. 1Good luck !!

  • I've had the prep before, years ago for something else, so know what to expect! 😫 Don't feel too nervous about the colonoscopy knowing I'll be sedated!

    Thanks for reply

  • You shoukd eat lightly before your colonoscopy - grilled/poached fish and chicken, white bread and cornflakes for breakfast

    After a diagnosis then perhaps you can do into,erance tests to see if any particular foods exacerbate your symptoms

    It may be that you are lactose intolerant and immodium cobtaibs lactose as does a lot of tablet medication

  • Hi, it's really odd, I'll try different things and think I've found something I can eat but it doesn't stay "safe" for long! Hopefully have some answers soon!

    Thanks for your reply

  • If you get a diagnosis of IBS and do intolerance tests only leave one food group, like dairy, out of your diet for at a time for at least 2/3 weeks keeping a food and symptom diary to monitor any changes

  • No problem having one done, I found out I had colitis, but stress does not seem to help either. Wheat and corn cause me problems. I agree with what the other people say, go ahead and have it done. Then sort out which foods are causing the problems, best of luck

  • Stress definitely makes things worse, I've had CBT to try and help, but when that feeling comes of needing the loo, knowing I can't stop anything just sends me into blind panic! I'd rather not leave the house!

    Thanks for your reply

  • Hi,

    I had a colonoscopy and a proctogram a couple of years ago. Ask for sedation with the colonoscopy - you won't be asleep but just very relaxed. It is quicker for the hospital to do the colonoscopy without sedation because with sedation they have to monitor you before, during and after, so make sure you ask for it. Also with sedation you will need someone to take you home. I don't remember the prep very well (so don't think it was that bad) but I remember having to have a very light diet a couple of days beforehand.

    The proctogram is quite invasive (probes being put up you) but not painful. The nurse pumped me full of a porridge like substance which they then x-rayed me getting rid of on a toilet (behind a screen for privacy). I clearly remember her telling me at least they used 'porridge' which she said was better than other hospitals who used mashed potato!!

    I was glad to have had both procedures done and got a diagnosis. Before I was just told I had IBS (c) without any explanation as to the cause. Now I know I have a type of bowel prolapse. They also found and removed a couple of small polyps during the colonoscopy so I am now in the system to have a repeat colonoscopy every 3 years so they can remove any new polyps.

    Good luck and Happy New Year!

  • Hi, it's the proctogram I'm most nervous about but am desperate for answers and hopefully help to stop my dreadful accidents! I haven't worked for 12 months because of it - some days I don't feel safe enough to leave the house! I've had CBT to try and help with the stress but when I get that awful feeling that I need to go when I'm out, all relaxation techniques go straight out of the window!!!

    Thanks for your reply, it sounds like you've been through a lot too! Wishing you luck and a Happy New Year too x

  • I am going for a proctogram on Friday and also very nervous about it. I hope yours goes OK for you.

  • Thank you, hope everything goes well for you too! I have my pre op for a colonoscopy on Wednesday and my proctogram is on the 18th 😳

    Let me know how you get on ☺️

  • I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy on the same day a few years ago. The procedure itself was ok but with having both I was sedated. The things we have to go through! :(

  • Ugh, tell me about it! As if having babies wasn't enough!! 😳🙄

  • What day do you have your proctogram? I have started taking a spoonful of silicol gel on a morning and it has helped me a lot.

  • Proctogram not for a couple of weeks, on the 18th Jan. What's silicol gel?

  • Mine is this Friday so I will let you know how it goes.

  • Thanks and good luck

  • Getting ready to go for my proctogram and I am really anxious. Feeling nauseous and legs like jelly but not going to cancel it. I need to get this done.

  • I was in the hospital at 9am and out by 10 am. The nurses were lovely and made me feel very calm and relaxed. Now to wait for the results.

  • Morning, sorry I didn't see your comments yesterday! So glad it went well for you, keep me posted with your results. I went for colonoscopy pre op yesterday, just waiting for a date now. Proctogram a week Wednesday 😐

    Good luck with your results 🍀

  • Will let you know when I get them. Hopefully I won't have to wait too long.

  • Hello, I went for my proctogram last Wednesday and when I arrived at the hospital they told me the machine was broken!!! So, I went today. The nurses were all so lovely to me and made me feel relaxed, I'm so glad it's over. Waiting for colonoscopy now. Hope you're ok

  • Oh I'm pleased that didn't happen to me! So awful when you are anxious about it. I am still waiting for my results.

  • I'm still waiting too!

  • 25 days since mine and still waiting :(

  • Hi, how are you? Have you had your results yet? I've had all my tests, now just waiting to see what the consultant says at the beginning of May. Hope you're ok

  • I have intussusception, rectocele and diverticulosis. I need an operation called laparoscopic ventral rectopexy. It has sent my anxiety sky high. I am so scared. I haven't got a date yet.

  • Oh dear, at least they know what's wrong with you and are doing something about it. I know how you feel on the anxiety front, mine is dreadful at the moment, all because of what's happening to me too. It's horrid isn't it ☹️ Have you tried the headspace app? It helps you to relax by meditation, worth a go, your anxiety doesn't go but it does help. I don't have my results yet, I've got an appointment with my consultant at the beginning of May, so fingers crossed I'll get some answers. All the best, keep smiling, do keep me posted 💐🌷🌻🌺🌹

  • I have the Calm app which is probably similar to Head space. Doctor has given me antidepressants so I am trying to get through the side effects off those.

  • Dr gave me anti depressants too but they seriously spaced me and she advised me to stop taking them. Sending positive thoughts, hope you're ok 💐

  • I can't tolerate SSRI'S or SNRI'S so on the older type tricylic.

  • Let me know how you get on

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