Hey guys, not sure if this is relevant to IBS. just been discharged from hospital after a week as an impatient after a month of no bowel movement.

Had a colonoscopy yesterday which was clear (little bit of stool left in the colon) so doc took a biopsy. Had sedation but I keep getting sharp cramps and pelvic pain. Is this normal?

Anyone had a similar experience and what was the outcome? X

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  • I had two colonoscopies and after both I had stomach cramps and pelvic pain for at least 24-48 hours afterwards. If it gets worse of it lasts longer than two days I would see your GP. Hope you feel better soon.

  • Yes I was in a fair bit of pain after mine too. But again if it gets worse or lasts more than another day or two I would speak to someone good luck 😊

  • I have ibs. Recently diagnosed. I was given prucalopride, which had been great. But last few weeks I have been suffering from sharp abdominal pain and pelvic pain when eating certain things. After two, three day bouts of severe pain and laid up I opted to spend xmas day on my own so that I was only eating what I knew was comfortable for me to eat and would suffer no pain afterwards. My friends were really supportive of my decision. I hope this helped a little.

  • I've also been given prucalopride. Taking 2 a day, along with others they gave but haven't had a movement since I left the hospital on Friday. Like you, I've been watching what I'm eating so not sure what's happening there. Hope your ok and had a good xmas x

  • Ohhh surprised that you're taking two prucalopride a day, my understanding from my gastroenterologist and all you can read about prucalopride, one tablet a day is sufficient as taking more than one a day actually makes no difference whatsoever. I'm on 2mg tablet once a day and works fine. The pains and cramps as severe as they have been recently. I'm keeping a diary of my food intake again as since taking prucalopride it seems to have highlighted other guy issues, possible I'm celiac. But I have lots of stress in my life at present so it could be that my IBS is just having a big flare up. Hope you enjoy the remainder of the Christmas celebration and hope the new year brings you some solutions that bring you comfortable xx

  • Hi! Why not direct questions to the doctor who did the procedure via telephone. Your doctor is the only one who can explain or advise. It might be that you still need to expel air. Who knows, call the doc. Good luck

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